Burlington Coat Factory | Does not give cash or credit card returns, Business

This is a scam fraud report about Burlington Coat Factory | Does not give cash or credit card returns who has been called a Business. I recently purchased a leather coat for my wife for her birthday which was on November 28th. I paid $201 dollars for the coat. At first the coat didnÕt fit and she did not really like the style. She went to the store, a week later, to look for another style and size but didnÕt find anything. She would have attempted to return the coat but she noticed I had charged it on my own credit card so she didnÕt try. I went to return the coat on 12/18 and was informed that they donÕt give cash or credit card returns but only store credits. That seems to be in conflict with the policy I just read on their web site. ÒIf you are dissatisfied with your merchandise, you may return it within 14 days of receipt and we will refund your credit card for the purchase amountÓ. So now I have to follow her around the store until she spends the $201 because I have to be present when she uses the store credit. Also it is only good for a year. It seems they didnÕt have all these rules about taking my hard earned money. My daughter also got my wife something that had to be returned. She also found out about their one way business policies and she wonÕt be coming back to do business with them soon. I assume, they are such sharp business people they can guess when IÕll be back.

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