Deluxe Carpet Cleaning | Sloppy Nasty Job, Business

This is a scam fraud report about Deluxe Carpet Cleaning | Sloppy Nasty Job who has been called a Business. They promised an $89 rate but insisted that they had to use various products to lift the dirt and enhance the cleaning process to the tune of $245. They insisted that the heavily trafficked areas were just that and that there was nothing to be done. When I advised that the hallways were protected by carpet runners prior to their arrival there was no rebuttal. Waited till it completely dried before calling to complain. Promised they would have some call back about returning or refunding and that never happened. They finished 4 rooms and a hallway in about an hour! They rushed it was a sloppy nasty job and a complete waste of $245!; Deluxe Carpet Cleaningn 31 years in businessn 825 Ulrich Avenuen Louisville, KY 40219-1844n (502) 456-1900

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