Precision Tune | Poor performance and customer service, Business

This is a scam fraud report about Precision Tune | Poor performance and customer service who has been called a Business. Is this what I as an American citizen deserve? The answer is no, but this is what I have learned you will receive at Precision Tune Auto Care. About 6 months ago I took my car and my girlfriends car to Precision Tune for a tune-up that cost me approximately $500.00. What did I pay for? Nothing. ThatÕs right, nothing. Precision Tune did not replace our spark plugs, rotate our tires or even change the air filters. I question whether or not they even changed the oil. 3,000 miles later I took my car to another auto shop to get my oil changed and they had to replace my air filter, after showing it to me and telling me that it had never been replaced. This gave me enough suspension to check my spark plugs that I learned had never been replaced either. Finally, I checked my tires. I have two different types of tires on my car, Firestone on the front and Goodyear on the back, and as you can figure they are still like that. About 1 month ago I took my car back to Precision Tune for A/C service. They performed an A/C performance check, A/C dye test, recov/vac/recharge, and added 30lbs of refrigerant all for the low price of $162.34. Today I have no A/C in my car. On both cases IÕve called Precision Tune on numerous occasions, e-mailed them my complaint, taken my car to a Precision Tune and explained my problems to the managers and still today nothing has been done nor has an attempt to reach me been made. I was told I would get a call from a district manager within 48 hours of my complaint and that was over a week ago. When I took my car to a Precision Tune (which it tells you to do on there web site for customer service, second paragraph) the manager told me that there was nothing he could do because they are all individual franchises. Over $600.00 of service I paid for yet never received and over months of trying to contact Precision Tune with no avail. This is the type of performance and customer service you can expect to receive when you take your car to a Precision Tune. American citizens please take this as a warning and donÕt let it happen to you.

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