Stevens Worldwide Van Lines | Claim No. 01-61010, Business

This is a scam fraud report about Stevens Worldwide Van Lines | Claim No. 01-61010 who has been called a Business. Manassas Transfer, an agent for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, packed & loaded my household belongings for a move from Madison,VA to Alpharetta, GA. The delivery was made at my new home and had obvious damage to a couple of itmes, both expensive 200+ year old antiques. Upon unpacking I discovered a couple of more damaged itmes. I contacted the company & they sent me a claim form which I filled out & sent to them. I received a check for $70.20 which is rediculous. I was told by their loaders my shipment would be insured for .60 per pound unless I elected to pay for higher coverage. I said to their employee, well since my shipment was 22,600 lbs that means that my shipment would be covered for up to $13,560.00 in damage. He said that was exactly right. I have since seen the Bill of Lading & Freight Bill has a box which says ÒThe shipper signing this contract must insert in the space above in his own handwriting, either his declaration of the actual value of the shipment, or the words Õ60 cents per pound per articleÓ, otherwise the shipment will be deemed released to a maximum value equal to $1.25 times the weight of the shipment in pounds.Ó. I did not fill in this space, so therefore my shipment was insured for $1.25 x 22,660 = $28,250.00. My loss was far less than that but certainly more than $70.20! This company should pay for the repair and replacement of my damaged items to a max of $28,250.00. One of the itmes was also denied because they claimed their inventory indicated pre-existing damage even tho the damage was obvious fresh damage & their driver listed it as such at the bottom of the shipment delivery document.

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