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Jason Hatfield Automotive, LLC | Crooks and Liars is on scamfraudreport.com for this reason: Found RV via internet at Jason Hatfield auto was 2004 Gulfstream Cresendo and was advertised as excellent condition. Made them an offer and salesperson Andy said he would take offer if I put deposit down. Put $1000 deposit via credit card. They emailed me a purchase agreement on that date 8/06/11. Went to pick up today and myself and my brother looked it over. It was not excellent condition. Paint was faded and chaulky on the outside and decals were peeling off. The roof was leaking in two spots,a roof vent was open and a window and had been rained in the day before, the carpeting was soaked. Mirrors were broken,the awning was shot and a small awning was not present over the slideout. I spoke with Jason Hatfield and told him I did not want the vehicle as it was not excellent as advertised. He stated they had a fault in their website. Sales person Andy told me it was very good condition also. Jason said you dont have to take but you are not getting deposit back. The dealership does not have a signed offer to purchase from me on this vehicle and it also states it is not valid unless signed by dealer Rep. which its not. Jason Hatfield states they tell all customers deposits are not refundable. Sales person Andy never stated this to me during the conversation as I would have never agreed to it. advertise their merchandise based on the actual condition, I feel I was misled and misrepresented. I have no contract and want a full refund. As I stated to Jason if they would have not had Òexcellent conditionÓ and reinforced by the sales person I would not have made a deposit or driven 550 miles to find something that was not advertised correctly.

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