Mark Bascope in Gilbert

Mark Bascope in Gilbert is a fraud! Puts on a great show in front of others like heÕs a loving dad, but in fact when our daughter started having a real relationship (@ age 4) he decides to move to Arizona from nd, and breaks her heart. He had a good job…

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Lisa Sanford of Amazon, Arizona, Washington

Lisa McCoy Sanford is a living proof that black windows do in fact exist out there! Lisa Sanford who works as a recruiter at Amazon has that lame job which she uses as a ruse to hide her REAL source of income: that is scamming vulnerable seniors out of their…

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Mytchal Davis in Gilbert

Mytchal Davis in Gilbert is a fraud! He trapped meÉ. Ran off with my ex best friendÉ. She ruined his life and now he flock to any woman who takes care of himÉ. He was very independent at first but I guess it was all a frontÉ.

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Michael in Glendale

Michael in Glendale is a fraud! Have 3 kids he donÕt see or help out with he chose strippers partying and drugs before them

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