Patrick Lucky, Mount Oliver, Pennsylvania, Cheaters

This is a scam fraud report about Patrick Lucky, Mount Oliver, Pennsylvania who has been called a Cheaters. He is originally from SC. He is a pathological liar. He lies about his name, told me it was Andreus. He lies about how many kids he has. Told me 1 daughter, he has a…

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Justin Crowder, Tennessee

Justin Crowder, Tennessee is on for this reason: His name is Justin Crowder. HeÕs physically abusive, lying, cheats with his ex gfs, and have even threatened to hurt his own child so he could say other people did it. He doesnÕt feed of clean his child. He only gets his…

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Heart Bell, Sacramento, California

Heart Bell, Sacramento, California is on for this reason: this is heart cristine bell , shes a hoe, sluty tramp ***** !! all you need to knpw you can find her on facebook , zoosk , plenty of fish trying to get **** while she tells her baby daddy she…

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Anton Bodzaj, Australia

Anton Bodzaj, Australia has been reported in  Anton is a cheater. Because of his diagnosed bipolar and narcissictic diagnosis he is mentally not able to hold down a woman. He is 37 years old. Has 2 kids. Around 150 women he has slept with and counting. Criminal history for…

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Lawrence John Brooks, Spring, Texas US

Lawrence John Brooks, Spring, Texas US is on for this reason: My ex gave me Herpes, Beware! He got me drunk, knew he had a break out, and had *** with me.

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