Steve Thibodeaux, Krotz Springs, Louisiana, Cheaters

This is a scam fraud report about Steve Thibodeaux, Krotz Springs, Louisiana who has been called a Cheaters. Pathological liar, cheater, tranny chaser, thief, and gold digger! Cheated on loyal partner with numerous men, women, and transsexualsÉto the extent that he was fired from two jobs for sexual harassment! I had my suspicious…

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Renee Putchio/clark | Iowa, Cheaters

This is a scam fraud report about Renee Putchio/clark | Iowa who has been called a Cheaters. Renee Putchio/Clark is a cheater she cheated on her first husband multiple time and she has cheated on her current husband.

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Shade Adelakun, Lagos State Nigeria, Cheaters

This is a scam fraud report about Shade Adelakun, Lagos State Nigeria who has been called a Cheaters. She dated 3 of us at thesame time and collected money from us for her birthday. She told each of us that the other person is her brother or cousin. We all attended her birthday…

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Winford James Maddox, Texas

Winford James Maddox, Texas is on Only enters relationships to hide his secret homosexuality. Is a narcasistic opportunist abuser. He will mooch off a woman while sleeping with men, Craigslist whores, and anyone transgender. Also sells himself to older men for $ if his ÒVicÓ donÕt give him enough. Always…

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Jino Lafayette Lumpkin, Atlanta, Georgia

Jino Lafayette Lumpkin, Atlanta, Georgia is on for this reason: He is a scam artist. He trolls online for women. Claiming heÕs divorced when he is actually married and has been for over 16 years. He lied and said he was seperated when i found something suspicious. His wife called…

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