Lloyd Love in Denver

Lloyd Love in Denver is a fraud! Has 2 girls and his youngest well be 3 Tuesday.. Been in and out of jail since i got pregnant. Just got out in February he has seen my baby once since then has every excuse as to why he hasnÕt seen /talked to her….

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Michael Maar in Aurora

Michael Maar in Aurora is a fraud! This father is such a dead beat he has only met his son once when the child was 4 and now my son is almost 20! HeÕs such a pathetic excuse of a father, his mother sends money for Christmas and birthdayÕs for him! What…

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Michael Miller Ð Davis in Denver

Michael Miller Ð Davis in Denver is a fraud! Sad case this guy right here. Has never done anything for his son. Prob dont know his bday.n Takes care of the next bitches monkeys and not his first born. Blames me being a good mother and keeping him safe and away from…

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Lucas in

Lucas in  is a fraud! He has 4 bm. 1st bm left cuz he wouldnÕt get a job. Has only seen child once at birth she is 5yr old and the oldest. Never paid anything; Has 4 & 3 yr old with bm #2. Left them to fend for self a…

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