Mark in New Britain

Mark in New Britain is a fraud! So this lame ass nigga lives with mommy lives off bitches n fucks w.e has a pussy!!! He has two beautiful children that he doesnt not take care off let alone see he doesnt wrk at all mever had a job a day in his…

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Luis Aka Papito Arroyo in / 157 Spring Street; New Haven

Luis Aka Papito Arroyo in / 157 Spring Street; New Haven is a fraud! This herpes having Nigga got 3 kids by 2 different baby mothers and donÕt do shit for none of his kids. Ladies be careful this Nigga a hoe. Got all types of stds. This Nigga a bum he…

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Mahgony Mclean in New Haven

Mahgony Mclean in New Haven is a fraud! Bitch fuck anything for attention É. Walks around all day with her baby fucking and sucking . Poor baby donÕt even have a dad bc she got pregnant while 5 niggas ran a train on her

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