Margie in Bridgeport

Margie in Bridgeport is a fraud! All she do is suck dick and run around chasing men donÕt let the makeup and looks fool you sheÕs a dirty hoe who so bitter her husband cheated on her for years now she suck and fuck anything that comes her way ask her how…

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Michael Benjamin Allison in East Hartford

Michael Benjamin Allison in East Hartford is a fraud! Has three baby girls. 3,1, and 1 month. HAS NO JOB! DoesnÕt take care of his two oldest girls but plays daddy to the next bitches kids. Goes months without seeing his kids. Never bought kids nothing not even birthday and Christmas gifts….

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Michael Jones in Waterbury

Michael Jones in Waterbury is a fraud! 23 , DoesnÕt Have A Life , HeÕs In And Out Of Jail , His Family All Fuck Up He DoesnÕt Have A Job , But Steals To Support HisSelf , Sleeps With Ugly Bithes , DonÕt Care Who He Lays Up With HIV Positive…

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