DNS (Do Not See)

317-601-7840 | Baltimore, Maryland

317-601-7840 | Baltimore, Maryland has been reported in scamfraudreport.com.  Clean-cut African guy takes money with him after the session. Ive seen him before but I use the bathroom and when I get out him and the money is gone. I called he said he was called into Meeting then blocked…

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650-455-4339 | wants a quickie!

650-455-4339 | wants a quickie! has been reported in scamfraudreport.com.  Cheap PigÉ He calls saying he only wants a quickie. Told him to go find a street walker, Upscale companions donÕt spend an hour getting ready and all dolled up for quickies. What a loser. Ð scamfraudreport.com

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