Escort Fraud

412-368-6491 | No-show

412-368-6491 | No-show has been reported in  He books appointment, confirms, gets address, no-shows and plays phone games

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Old escort David 929-428-9561, Escort Bad Biz

This is a scam fraud report about Old escort David 929-428-9561 who has been called a Escort Bad Biz. Pics of that escort are completely outdated, in fact he should be 35 years old minimum, looks really old

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587-481-3777 | Lance

587-481-3777 | Lance has been reported in  Time waster and pic collector on seekingarrangement. When we finally met he didnÕt bring more than $20 cash and thought he Òcould make up the difference with *******Ó. Lives in Michigan, travels to Colorado for work.

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919-824-0794 | North Carolina | Dangerous

919-824-0794 | North Carolina | Dangerous has been reported in  He was a regular of mine, but last week i told him i wont see him anymore because he never had all the required money/ wanted a discount and was never on time. since then he`s been calling me…

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206-953-1644 | [email protected] | Terry Strohschein

206-953-1644 | [email protected] | Terry Strohschein has been reported in  Terry Strohschein is a racist. After refusing to meet with him he started to call me a ******. After leaving the client he constantly sent me texts using derogatory racial names. He kept doing it and has not…

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