Escort Fraud

720-767-8230 | Denver, Colorado

720-767-8230 | Denver, Colorado has been reported in  So this guy texts me today..Asking me to come to Longmont,when i already live here..He obviously did not read my ad..I got from his texts that he assumes my time is free..He did not screen at all before giving me his…

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970-237-9031 | Time Waster

970-237-9031 | Time Waster has been reported in  I have no idea who this is but he texted me with some link demanding i get on this website and chat with him..i did not answer..Came off like he was not ever going to ask for an appointment..n Came off…

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914-355-0012 | Brian Jacob

914-355-0012 | Brian Jacob has been reported in  Wasted my time with sexual texts and then stood me up after claiming to be stuck in traffic for an hour.n Ò**** me hard us nothing matter in the world!! My moans in your mouth while u push ur sweet juicy…

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Stephen P Abruzzse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Escort Bad Biz

This is a scam fraud report about Stephen P Abruzzse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who has been called a Escort Bad Biz. Harasses you with emails after emailing you asking you to call him. Not trying to set up a date just wants you to call him. I have very clear directions as to how…

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