Mike in Atlanta

Mike in Atlanta is a fraud! Ugly fat bitch cheated on my friend peaches an made a baby with a bitch in the project lying to peaches saying the baby not his but we got word the baby looks like his son this nigga ran from Richmond an donÕt take care of…

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Michael Williams Ii in Locust grove

Michael Williams Ii in Locust grove is a fraud! Michael Williams II is a deadbeat he do not take car of my son and yes I am mad cuz he can take car of his ugly Bitch but not he son. He is positive with herpes his baby mama tell me he…

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Luvchild in Atlanta

Luvchild in Atlanta is a fraud! He is one of the biggest hoes every in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. He likes extramarital affairs and he uses my daughter as a leverage of his hopes and dreams, but has no money to take care of her, he uses others women and…

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Marcus Mays in Decatur

Marcus Mays in Decatur is a fraud! 5 kids 5 different mothersÉ.wayyyy behind on child support to the tune of 10_s of thousands. License taken away but still drives! Lives is close proximity of all them but barely sees them. Only claims 2!

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Lonnie James in Atlanta

Lonnie James in Atlanta is a fraud! He has 3 kids by different women and possibly more. He takes care of none of them. They donÕt even know him as Daddy. HeÕs a Jail bird, compulsive liar, never had a car, lives with whoever will let him crash on their couch. He…

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