Michael Lee Buckley in Davenport

Michael Lee Buckley in Davenport is a fraud! Lives off the government. Is thousands behind. Went to prison for rape and owed a lot of money. Fake bakes himself orange.

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Mimi Price ( Michelle Price) in Des Moines

Mimi Price ( Michelle Price) in Des Moines is a fraud! This is a nasty ass ol ass bitch that likes to fuck other ppl man. Her ol ass has Aids and chlamydia she like sharing pics of her ol outta shape ass . Bitch you need to stay away from other…

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Michael Paul Vanwinkle in North Liberty

Michael Paul Vanwinkle in North Liberty is a fraud! Mike called right before my daughters 16th birthday. It was right after she was hospitalized at St. Judes. He told me he was done paying child support. He thought he had Òdone enoughÓ He felt he needed to focus on his new family…

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