Lonnie Jordan in Kansas City

Lonnie Jordan in Kansas City is a fraud! Has been spotted in Kansas City, Missouri around 18th and Vine. Has outstanding warrants for non-support of at least 4 children. Only God knows how many he truly has. Ladies beware. Has not paid child support in over three years, but finds money to…

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Mike Fattig in Saint joseph

Mike Fattig in Saint joseph is a fraud! This dude, has 6 kids by 4 different women. CanÕt keep a job. CanÕt keep up support. Claims all his kids are dead to him except his newest one with the latest woman. Uses women. Lies. Cheats. Takes advantage of working women. Lies in…

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Morgan Bronson in Kansas City

Morgan Bronson in Kansas City is a fraud! This woman is nasty she has roaches in her house her kids sleep on the floor IÕve watched her beat her kids she really does not want her daughter she through her on the floor one day she got mad she never has her…

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Lucas in

Lucas in  is a fraud! He has 4 bm. 1st bm left cuz he wouldnÕt get a job. Has only seen child once at birth she is 5yr old and the oldest. Never paid anything; Has 4 & 3 yr old with bm #2. Left them to fend for self a…

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