North Carolina

Michael Wilson in Gastonia

Michael Wilson in Gastonia is a fraud! Wont see his kids but will take care of other womens kids. Wont do anything for them but will definitely lie 2 them and tell them he gonna do this or gonna do that or gonna come see them. Even put him on child support…

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Levon Wilson or Mccray in Winston Salem

Levon Wilson or Mccray in Winston Salem is a fraud! For one heÕs a woman beater WHILE I was pregnant didnÕt matter how far along I got. Treated his daughter like a new toy that lost its shine. Said he could make 100 more jus like her Bc sheÕs nothing special. Told…

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Marcus Hawes in Wilmington

Marcus Hawes in Wilmington is a fraud! This is Marcus, a true deadbeat! Refuses to see his kids that he has not seen in over a year! Will not have anything to do with them. Will not answer calls from them! All he does is smoke __ And drink everyday. Chase other…

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