Michelle Optekar in Medford

Michelle Optekar in Medford is a fraud! On June 23 2015 (The deadbeat moms birthday) Of all days Decided that she was going to cheat From her ex boyfriend for the third and final time And leave him With the children On her birthday While both young children Waiting Very patiently for…

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Leroy James Daniels in Portland

Leroy James Daniels in Portland is a fraud! I was with Leroy for 8yrs. Married for only the last year an half of that. I gave him his first two beautiful little girls, that he now denies their existence let alone being his. After years of all types of abuse but physical,…

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Michael Mason in St. Helens

Michael Mason in St. Helens is a fraud! Michael has been a terrible father from the get-go. Not only has his current wife treated me horribly ever since I can remember, but he failed to meet a CHILD halfway when I attempted to meet-up with him or even bond over dinner. I…

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