Pets & Animals | SCAM | SCAM is on for this reason: Stay away from this SCAM website called lotusblossompugs.comÉBecause they our same scammers that own the other scam site called kylingminifrenchbulldogs.comÉhere is more information on that scam website

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SET, REDdoor best Coop Door John Zarpak, Pets & Animals

This is a scam fraud report about SET, REDdoor best Coop Door John Zarpak who has been called a Pets & Animals. This business located in Kensington MD. produces inferior products advertised to be used in a chicken coop environment. I bought an automatic chicken coop door from them that shortly after being…

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JelsiPuppyFarm | Puppy Mill

JelsiPuppyFarm | Puppy Mill is on for this reason: I also purchased my frenchton from Jelsi few years ago (before I knew about the workings of the puppy mill industry) Ð she has been healthy but admittedly hard to potty train (but the breed is notorious for that!). What IÕm…

Read More | Rip OffÉScamÉNo Puppy | Rip OffÉScamÉNo Puppy is on for this reason: This website is a SCAMÉLost over $1000 to this Scammer. Do not get screwedÉstay away from this site. This guy needs to be in jail. I have reported them to

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