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Mama Possum in Everywhere

Mama Possum in Everywhere is a fraud! Driving home, I spot this possum with a newborn. The newborn was having trouble getting over the street curb. The mother looked down at it and walked away never looking back. The baby went the opposite direction into the bushes.

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Manuel Aponte Aka Papo in Somewhere in

Manuel Aponte Aka Papo in Somewhere in is a fraud! Happy FatherÕs day to this pair of deadbeats and yes she is too because anyone that gets into the middle of a man and his kids is a deadbeat too. Denied his second daughter like she was trash ignores her like she…

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Margie in Somewhere in

Margie in Somewhere in is a fraud! All she do is suck dick and run around chasing men donÕt let the makeup and looks fool you sheÕs a dirty hoe who so bitter her husband cheated on her for years she worry about how many dicks that donÕt belong to her she…

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Luis Vieira in Somewhere in

Luis Vieira in Somewhere in is a fraud! This mofo is a registered sex offender and has like 9 kids. He makes women believe he has something in this world to be proud of. But he has nothing. He hasnÕt been in his kids like since they were 6 months and 2….

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