South Carolina

Melanie Haddox in Greenville

Melanie Haddox in Greenville is a fraud! Lost custody of her 4 kids because of drinking and drug abuse. Ran off to Montana and never showed up for court. Just recently came back and is has not paid one cent of child support in almost a year.

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Myself Josh Chappell in Glendale

Myself Josh Chappell in Glendale is a fraud! IÕm a dumbassÉn IÕve had 3 wives IÕve fucked around on each one just havenÕt gotten caught yet by the 3rd bitch because sheÕs oblivious to my sociopathic waysÉ.. or sheÕs just desperate because sheÕs not a looker if you know what I meanÉ..n…

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Marlon Campbell in Fort Jackson

Marlon Campbell in Fort Jackson is a fraud! Every since we departed ways he decided he no longer wanted to be a full time father. Just a check in the mail that isnÕt even the full child support. With his oldest son turning 16yrs old in a few months in the past…

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Michael Salley in Denmark

Michael Salley in Denmark is a fraud! He is from denmark walking around like he for it going on with 7 kids that he does nothing for. He gets with women to take care of him cause he is not man enough to take care of his self. Bum ass little bit…

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