STD Carriers

Amanda Isaacs, Connecticut

Amanda Isaacs, Connecticut has been reported in  Beware of Amanada Isaacs, shes a user and a bag chaser. She has herpes and spreads it freely

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Brandon Rook Ð North Vancouver and Vancouver, STD Carriers

This is a scam fraud report about Brandon Rook Ð North Vancouver and Vancouver who has been called a STD Carriers. Brandon RookÕs lies continue! 2013 Brandon Rook spread lies he resigned from Batero Gold as CEO and yet documents and emails discover he was fired for mismanagement of business and funds. It…

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Jeff bhathal

Jeff bhathal is on for this reason: Indian subhuman gave me chlamydia

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Dan Milbourne , London United Kingdom, STD Carriers

This is a scam fraud report about Dan Milbourne , London United Kingdom who has been called a STD Carriers. Dan Milbourne, London United Kingdom England; Ladies and men everywhere, and Greater London area , be careful of the sick individual in the photo !n Dishonest , liar, manipulator , coward ,creep ,…

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Justine Burke Tampa, Fl

Justine Burke Tampa, Fl is on for this reason: Justine Burke Ñ Metropolitan Ministries; In 2013 when I was in a relationship with Justine Burke, I was terrified of the news that she had contracted the HIV virus. Unknowing to myself and many others in her life, she would conspire…

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