Esley Hall- DeBusk Services Group – McEwen, Tennessee

Esley Hall is a scammer, con artist, a cheater, and a home wrecker. He is a narcissistic sociopath! Esley works for DeBusk Services Group in McEwen, TN. He is the district manager. People have been saying that he is poaching employees from his last place of employment (PCI Knoxville). He…

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Marvin ÒsmittyÓ Goodman in Chattanooga

Marvin ÒsmittyÓ Goodman in Chattanooga is a fraud! Started out as the perfect boyfriend to my friend then left her while she was 4 months pregnant to get back with his ex wife. He has not told his ex wife about the new baby because sheÕll leave him. As a result my…

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Michael Kelley in Hendersonville

Michael Kelley in Hendersonville is a fraud! Owes over $12,000. Thinks he should not have to pay it just because. Thinks he should be a part of his childÕs life, but should not pay for anything. Has a psycho wife who is obsessed with the child.

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Michael Toney in Memphis

Michael Toney in Memphis is a fraud! Has not seen his only child in 8 years. Always lying to his son. Claims other people kids.

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