Brittany Foxworthy, San Francisco, California, Cheaters

This is a scam fraud report about Brittany Foxworthy, San Francisco, California who has been called a Cheaters. Brittany Foxworthy is married to a good friend of mine named Phil, and I know for a fact she cheats on his because I literally saw her at a motel with another man. SheÕs been posted on here before I found out from another friend, we wouldÕve laughed about it if it wasnÕt so sad for our friend. She just had another baby and IÕm afraid he might not even be the real father. What should I do? IÕm afraid to tell Phil about his wifeÕs extracurricular activities because I donÕt want to ruin our friendship Ð and she is a really good liar. Brittany Foxworthy is a terrible mother for doing this to her kids

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