Gino Parrelli, Brooklyn/Staten Island NY, Cheaters

This is a scam fraud report about Gino Parrelli, Brooklyn/Staten Island NY who has been called a Cheaters. Let me tell you something about Gino. In the beginning things are all nice. ThatÕs only because his secrets have not come out. He has enough empathy as a hammer hitting a nail. And once you think heÕs done he will try to come back and just do it again. If you look at his Instagram page alone (that was created when we were together) you will see the *** pages and the 20 year old girls heÕs all over. If you question him about it he tells you they are his friends. Obviously they are not. One of them happen to be my friend and she had no clue who he was. DonÕt get me wrong heÕs a great dad and as you can see from his pages he really is. But thatÕs about it. His missing days were he said he wanted time to think. Turned out heÕs in AC so called ÒaloneÓ. I can really get into detail here but I will leave it be. Warning avoid IÕm not going to call him out on everything because I wasted more then enough time and tears on this one. He is delusional and seriously needs to be put on meds. In the first month he was telling me he wants to have a baby and move in with me. I thought he was thinking way ahead but I ended up buying his dreams. He told me that if I got pregnant he would be so happy and it would make use be closer then ever. Come to find out heÕs snipped just like the dog he is. One day your getting married and having children and the next day itÕs ÒIÕm doneÓ. Seriously needs help

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