Matthew Smith at BNP Paribas , CREEPY PROSTITUTES CLIENT is on for this reason: Matthew Smith works at BNP Paribas in London and lives in Clapham.n He regularly visits brothels and prostitutes.n This CREEP has a SICK Obsession on Asians, male,female or ladyboys and when heÕs not visiting prostitutes or brothels, he spend his time contacting ANY ASIAN , but more specifically trannies (Asian ******* escorts being his favorites) making tons of profiles on social medias like facebook or instagram etcÉ for soliciting *** with Asian trannies prostitutes ,as if there was not already enough escort agencies, or brothels.n He calls himself Òsmithmatt007Ó onlinen But he cant afford to pay high class escorts so he just resort to the cheap brothels /prostitutes that offer Òsucky fucky 5 dollarsÓ in Chinatown ,Bangkok or Jakarta; He goes on tour in Asia for *** tourism because the prostitutes there are really cheap and have unprotected *** with clients , taking advantage of the poverty in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Burma etcÉ where 12 years old kids have to prostitute themselves to DISGUSTING WHOREMONGERS like this SICK ****!!!; As a result of his prostitutes addiction, he caught nasty STDs. So ladyboys and prostitutes, beware if you have Matt Smith Òsmithmatt007Ó as a client!!; Full name: Matthew John Smithn Age:35 years oldn workplace ; BNP Paribas London (past JPmorgan London/ Bournemouth)n email adress : [email protected] / [email protected]

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