604-701-7915 | Kelowna, British Columbia

604-701-7915 | Kelowna, British Columbia has been reported in scamfraudreport.com.  I was contacted by Lightbeer Kelowna on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 for an appointment the following evening . It was to be a sensual massage / escort session with he and his friend. I responded but they didnÕt get back to me. Then on Thursday, June 6 I got an instant message on squirt.org from Lightbeer Kelowna asking if I was available tonight at 7. I said I was. He negotiated with me a very cheap price ($70) for 2 guys at one hour each. I agreed to it, to be a nice guy and give them a positive experience of myself and my work. After talking on IMÕs for over an hour, they were to come to my place. I texted them my address and we agreed for them to come at 8:30pm.; 8:30 came and went. I turned down a higher paying job beause I had promised them to the time spot. At 8:38 they texted me that their car was blowing blue smoke and asked me to take a taxi over. I said ok, and he said they would reduce the time so of session so that the amount came to $70 still but i would only have to work a shorter amount of time.; I had erased from my computer the address they gave me. So i asked for it, and they guy never got back to me with their address. I IMÕd him again, at 9:05 asking him ÒwhatÕs going on.Ó I informed them that I had turned down a job that paid more at 9:10. At 9:19 he wrote, ÒSorry my buddy chickened out.Ó I told him at 9:20, ÒYou will still be responsible for paying me.Ó; They wasted my entire Friday night, on a cheap job, by leading me on, and then I was unable to get another job that evening.

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