NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Ð Stay away from this filthy hospital!, Hospitals

This is a scam fraud report about NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Ð Stay away from this filthy hospital! who has been called a Hospitals. HIGH MRSA and other bacteria rate. Higher than any other hospital in the area. I got MRSA in OR 11. Someone put dirty hands or instruments on my surgical wound. It took them 3 weeks to figure out what it was, my surgeon never checked the cultures that were back in 4 days. The lady in the bed next to me had a lung transplant. She was exposed because twice daily the residents cut dead tissue out of my now crater hole in my stomach. Staff was AWFUL, would not assist with me anything even first day post op. Dr was horrible. It was ALL horrible for almost a year of my life and on a PICC line on and off for the rest of my life. Stay away from this filthy hospital!

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