CAUTION: ALLENTOWN SLUMLORDS! | Allentown, Pennsylvania, House, Apartment Rental

This is a scam fraud report about CAUTION: ALLENTOWN SLUMLORDS! | Allentown, Pennsylvania who has been called a House, Apartment Rental. CAUTION: ALLENTOWN SLUMLORDSn The following is a list of current slumlords in the city of Allentown,Pa.n DO NOT RENT FROM THESE LANDLORDS!; 1. Joe Clark & Susan Clark Ð Uses 5 fictitious names and they are as followed: Lehigh Landholdings Inc, Safe Home Investment Corp, Safe Home Investment Inc, Lehigh Urban Developers, & Lehigh Land Developers LLC; Office Location: 522-524 W. Hamilton St.n Phone Number: 610-821-1494; 2. Gregory A Myers; 3. Frank Barakat; 4. Magdy/Mike Said; 5. Octavio Fuentes; 6. Eugene Baker; The Allentown tenant association has been created to tackle the cityÕs current renting issues. The association aims to educate residents of the city on their rights as a tenant and to assist with tenant-landlord disputes. ATA also is going to be educating renters of current slumlords in the city. We are currently working with city agencies to improve rental conditions throughout the city.; The Association is known as: Allentown Tenant Association; The Area Covered by the Association is: City of Allentown,Pa; Allentown Tenant Associationn www.allentowntenantassociation.orgn

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