Charity Dawn Ricker, United States, Liar

This is a scam fraud report about Charity Dawn Ricker, United States who has been called a Liar. There are of course a few things one should take note of concerning Charity Ricker who also goes by the name of Charity Dawn Ricker:; To begin with Charity Ricker (or Charity Dawn Ricker) happens to be a filthy racist and a grotesque bigot whose dirty bigotry and putrid prejudice is against those who are Black men or African-American men. This is because Charity Ricker or Charity Dawn Ricker has an extreme amount of hatred for the skin pigmentation that belongs to these African-American men or Black men which she resents with great racist animosity and racist venom. This has prevented her from considering these African-American men or Black men for serious relationship purposes and intentions because of the enormous amount of hatred she has for their skin color. Therefore because of this Charity Ricker (Charity Dawn Ricker) must be exposed for being the vile, disgusting, and revolting bigoted racist that she indeed is.

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