unitedreaders.com | These people are thieves and liars

unitedreaders.com | These people are thieves and liars is on scamfraudreport.com. I just want to cancel my account with them and for them not to contact me in the future. I received a phone call from Primetime ReaderÕs service on 12 Oct. 2015. The woman identified herself as from Primetime readers Service. During her spiel she said that I could get 5 magazines of my choice plus a diamond watch fore the low price of $39.90 payable at the time of the call and then $39.90 would be electronically withdrawal from my account the following month. On 13 Apr 2016, I sent a request for cancellation of my account via email. I received a form letter stating their policy. Of which they said they had sent me a copy of the service agreement waited the ÒrequiredÕ length of time and then proceeded. They also said that they had made a follow up call reviewing the terms. I neither receive a copy of said service agreement nor a follow up review phone call. I, then, followed up the cancellation with a second request for cancellation of service agreement via certified mail. I the reasons that my request for cancellation should be honored. After the second request for cancellation, I spoke on the phone with another representative. I expressed my objections to their not honoring my request for cancellation. She said that I had only made 5 payments and that I had another 23 payment left before they would cancel my account. On 25 May 2016 I sent primetime readers service a request for debt validation. I specifically asked that a copy of the signed service agreement be included in the validation. Which to this date they have ignored the request for validation. Primetime has incessantly continue to call me after receipt of the debt validation request and prior to them validating the debt. I sent them a second request for validation, noting that they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. By their continuing to call on a Non validated debt. I have also informed them that in the of Indiana fore the most part an agreement that can not be completed within 12 months must be in writing to be enforceable. All of this has been for naught. As they continue to contact me and demand payment. I just want to cancel my account with them and for them not to contact me in the future.

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