Michael Hildreth in Eastpointe

Michael Hildreth in Eastpointe is a fraud! I am very great friends with the current wife of this Deadbeat and since she wonÕt put him on the site, I will. BEWARE LADIES! This guy is a master manipulator, liar, thief & the list goes on. This horrible excuse for a man had a beautiful, strong, loving wife and they both made a gorgeous baby together. After this boy stole from his wife and kids repeatedly, made them lose EVERYTHING she built, cheated & dogged her and his child, constantly in jail etc the list goes on, the point is my best friend was pregnant with their child, she was not ready. She did not want to have child and made her mind up about terminating the pregnancy. They were not married at the time so she thought it would be best if she did not go through with it because SHE DID NOT WANT TO DO IT ALONE but this man pleaded for her to keep the child. He promised to love her forever, promised she would NEVER be alone, he was not like these other ÒdeadbeatsÓ Once she had the baby, few months later he goes to prison. He gets sentenced a year and the whole year she is supporting him. Losing everything in the process (his fault long story) He gets out, meets his daughter, everything is good for a minute until he starts doing drugs, stealing from the household & kids, lying, cheating etc. Long story short, this man fell off the face of the earth. No warning nothing. Got all the utilities cut off (while kids are there) cleaned out his WIFES bank account and LEFT! Changed his number and is nowhere to be found. The kids often ask about him, and their mom is speechless. I guess its the typical, Òwent to the store & never returnedÓ type of storyÉ IF you come across this guy BEWARE he is no good and left his baby fatherless with no reason! Tell him to pay his child support also.

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