Ð I no longer trust this business Ð I no longer trust this business has been reported in  I purchased a service that was advertised on Angies List as being available in my area. A few days after I was contacted by a representative of the company offering the pest control service saying that they did not service my area. He told me he would inform Angies List which he had no responsibility to do. I attempted to get my money back through PayPal because that is how I Paid for it. My request was denied because I authorized the purchase. This all took time. I was not aware of Angies List policy of limiting refunds to 30 days on certain items. They have offered a credit towards another deal. This is totally unacceptable and I have requested my membership be cancelled . I have emailed them and told them I will be making a complaint against their business. I will have nothing further to do with them. I oontacted Angies List 38 days after I purchased this service. I will not accept a credit because I no longer trust this business.; AngieÕs List, LLCn 1030 E Washington Streetn Indianapolis, IN 46202n Phone: (317) 297-5478n Fax: (317) 803-3284n

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