Garfield Heights, Ohio Ð SUCKS, News & Media

This is a scam fraud report about Garfield Heights, Ohio Ð SUCKS who has been called a News & Media. brecksville students and family members had to deal with the thugs, losers, drug-addicted parents and students of garfield hieghts kids after a football game. the city has gone to ****. with section 8 housing coming into the city and all the criminal acts THOSE people bring with them. the once nice town is now shitsville. the prinicpal at the high school has no control over his students. they should remove the football players from the team who have family members who encouraged the rock throwing at the game. how are section 8 losers able to drive around in Mercedes and other expensive vehicles? how are they able to afford 3 pitbulls in one home? the school system has gone down the toilet. everywhere you go in garfield heights its now blackville. criminals, losers, thiefÕs, and lazy *** people taking over the town and wasting resources. drug addicts everywhere. DONÕT MOVE TO GARFIELD HEIGHTS. GLAD WE GOT OUT WHEN WE DID.

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