Predatorhuntersli Predatorhuntersli is on for this reason: I have recently filed a complaint with the New Jersey Attorney GeneralÕs office for the following,; aka predatorhuntersli is a illegitimate child predator hunting group. They are internet extortionist and I can prove it.; Firstly, they are anonymous, proving that they are cowards. They donÕt have the guts like Chris Hansen and others had to to look the people they accuse in the face. They hide due to fair of retaliation from what they are doing to innocent men.; Secondly, they are criminals. evades civil suits and prosecution thus far by operating outside the law. The server they use is out of the country allowing them to operate with impunity and concealing their identity.; Lastly , / predatorhuntersli are nothing more than extornist. Myself and other men information was shared or sold to the notorious Nigerian extortion site predator I also have an email from to a fictitious lawyer I posed as suggesting I ( Mr. Joyner) make a donation to have my information removed from the site.; These people are the scum of society and need to be prosecuted and served justice. Anybody with information on this long island NY extortion ring please forward to [email protected]; Ernest Joyner

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