Dwight Carpenter is a Thief (Prudenville), Other

This is a scam fraud report about Dwight Carpenter is a Thief (Prudenville) who has been called a Other. Obviously I am not the only person he obtained money from under false pretenses, which is a crime! Pull your head out of your *** Clare County Prosecutor you have a THIEF portraying to be a Lawyer. Please do not give Dwight Carpenter a cent, [ especially without a retainer agreement] he will **** you in the end. I was stupid sent him 1150.00, No retainer agreement, no paperwork, never even met the banana eater, his Office, Court, Nowhere, I wouldnÕt know him if he walked past me, but he cashed my check, Clare County is that an acceptable practice? He failed to show up at my arraignment after being paid, I said **** it and hired an honest Attorney, that Attorney even insisted on my money back, Dwight carpenter blew him off also. Dwight Carpenter is the lowest of low, It cost 0.00 to be a decent human being, Dwight Carpenter is not a decent Human Being. My Honest Attorney, who endorsed me for my run for a Governmental office reminded me about this thief. SHAME ON YOU CLARE COUNTY.

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