423-426-4695 | Jake Howell

423-426-4695 | Jake Howell has been reported in scamfraudreport.com.  Jake Howell did not show up. No Courtesy Call. Loser. Time Waster

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Dwight Carpenter is a Thief (Prudenville), Other

This is a scam fraud report about Dwight Carpenter is a Thief (Prudenville) who has been called a Other. Obviously I am not the only person he obtained money from under false pretenses, which is a crime! Pull your head out of your *** Clare County Prosecutor you have a THIEF portraying to…

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Brandon Zufelt, Youngtown, Arizona, Bankruptcy Records

This is a scam fraud report about Brandon Zufelt, Youngtown, Arizona who has been called a Bankruptcy Records. Name: Brandon Zufeltn Address: 10412 N 116th Ln Youngtown, AZ 85363n Location: Youngtown, Arizona 85363n Case: 2:10-bk-16586-GBNn University: badbizreport.comn Filed: May 27, 2010n Discharged: September 02, 2010n Chapter: 7n URL: http://www.badbizreport.com/brandon-zufelt-youngtown-arizona/n Bankruptcy: Filed

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