Jill Sterling Pratt Answer these questions! Averill Park NY Predator

Jill Sterling Pratt Answer these questions! Averill Park NY Predator is on scamfraudreport.com for this reason: Since there are a lot of crazy people on the internet who defend predators like Adam Pratt of Averill Park, Kingston, Albany, Dunham Hollow New York we would like them, or the Pratt Family to answer these questions SPECIFICALLY JILL STERLING PRATT who with her son Adam claims Malek Chaieb lied about being a minor and doing sick things with her own grandkids present. Why is she friends with a liar like Malek Chaieb who said she was sending her son to jail?; 1) If Adam Pratt did not engage in criminal *** acts with Malek Chaieb why did this girl claim numerous times she was ÒunderageÓ , Òa minorÓ or she was sending Adam Russell to jail? She bragged about getting pictures of his naked ***** every day and Òknows all of his underwearsÓ; http://cheaterreport.com/adam-pratt-ny-adam-russell-pratt-warning-to-single-mothers-protect-your-children-from-this-monster/n http://cheaterreport.com/jill-sterling-pratt-lies-to-underage-girls-adam-russell-pratt-mother-and-partner-in-crime/n https://www.facebook.com/adam.r.prattn https://myspace.com/prattarp; 2) If Adam PrattÕs perverted internet sexual relationship was not illegal why did he create accounts to hide her?n http://cheaterreport.com/adam-pratt-ny-fake-profile-to-hide-relationship-with-minor-adam-russell-pratt-facebook-predator/; 3) If Adam Russell Pratt is not a danger why was he away for 2 years?; 4) If Adam Pratt is not a danger to children why does he have no custody of his children? Why were there mandated supervised visits?; 5) Why was Adam masturbating in bed with his son with Malek Chaieb on Skype? At the home of his parents Jill Sterling and Russ Pratt? Sister Katie Henderson?n https://www.facebook.com/jill.s.pratt1 &n https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007889715578&fref=ts; 6) Why are there naked pictures of a young boy on Adam PrattÕs lap that were shared?; 7) Why was another child forced to eat and terrified to tell their guardian things Adam and Malek were doing?n 8) Why are there active restraining orders against Adam R. Pratt?; 9) If what any of us say is false why have none of us been served with legal actions? If we were lying we are guilty of libel/slander. One person was contacted by one of the sites warning them they got a request to remove content, they provided more evidence. Nothing has been removed.; 10) If Malek Chaieb was not a minor why would any of these people communicate with a person they never met, who made such horrible claims about Adam Pratt and what he did with children? How can she send Adam Pratt to jail? Did she blackmail them? These accusations from Malek Chaieb ruined AdamÕs life if he is innocent. We have proof this week they were communicating. So who is the vengeful one telling him he is Ògoing to jail for thisÓ we have yet to publish the one where Malek Chaieb in all caps from this year says ÒI AM UNDERAGEÓ when she was questioned about it again before anyone started posting on the web. Maybe you should ask Malek Chaieb aka Sheyla Oliver https://www.facebook.com/sheyla.oliver.37; Jill Pratt you are a monster and there is a special place in **** for people like you

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