Esley Hall- DeBusk Services Group – McEwen, Tennessee


Esley Hall is a scammer, con artist, a cheater, and a home wrecker. He is a narcissistic sociopath! Esley works for DeBusk Services Group in McEwen, TN. He is the district manager.

People have been saying that he is poaching employees from his last place of employment (PCI Knoxville). He is trying to convince them to quit their jobs and join him at DeBusk. He keeps in contact with Elise Givens-Brown and her husband, David, telling them how to run PCI into the ground and to eavesdrop and fire the people who “he thinks” got him to lose his previous job, (by exposing Esley for being the con artist and sociopath that he is). Esley Hall lives in Rockwood, Tennessee.

No Esley, your dishonesty and corruption got you caught and terminated. Hopefully your new boss at DeBusk will see this before you destroy their company, by being a greedy, selfish pig! 🐷

Esley Hall rips off his employees and other companies by cheating people out of their pay. He overcharges other companies, while he rips off his own employees out of their weekly pay. Esley does whatever he can to save, so he’ll later get his big bonus checks for “saving the company money”. Esley Hall is a corrupt scam artist!

Esley stole his last supervisor job from his uncle. He ratted his uncle out and got him fired, just so he could take over his job. If he is that despicable to where he would sabotage a family member’s career, then he is dangerous! Esley Hall is selfish and toxic.

When David and Elise run PCI into the ground, they will join their pimp daddy, Esley at DeBusk Services Group in McEwen, TN, where they can bring their corruption there and take over!

Esley only wants to use and abuse people. You will be his fall guy and scapegoat. When the 💩 hits the fan, you will be blamed and fired for it, instead of him.

Esley Hall recently got remarried. That won’t stop him getting some of Elise’s dirty crotch rot, anytime he wants some. Her vagina is diseased from getting gang banged by unprotected BBC. Her pussy stinks from all the diseased bucks who had nut all up inside her. Esley takes that stinky 🐟 💩 nastiness home to his wife.

Avoid this dirty, corrupt individual! If you work for Esley, leave and find a better job. You can do better than Esley Grant Hall!

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