Marvin ÒsmittyÓ Goodman in Chattanooga

Marvin ÒsmittyÓ Goodman in Chattanooga is a fraud! Started out as the perfect boyfriend to my friend then left her while she was 4 months pregnant to get back with his ex wife. He has not told his ex wife about the new baby because sheÕll leave him. As a result my friend has a high risk pregnancy, canÕt work, and is on bed rest. HeÕs bought nothing for the baby so far. When she calls him for food, money to buy medicines, or asking him can he buy a baby bed and diapers since sheÕs about to deliver he donÕt answer the phone or lies and says he will but never calls back or brings the items. He works 5 minutes from her and wonÕt bring her food so she has to risk standing and cookingÉputting her unborn babies life in jeopardy. All so he can keep a lie going to his ex wife which is now his girlfriend.

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